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At Magnetika, we understand that in order for our customers to succeed in their mission we must deliver our products on time while meeting or exceeding our customers' requirements. 

We currently employ over 70 highly trained assemblers and technicians who average over 10 years of tenure with Magnetika.  All of our assembly operators are certified to the latest revision of J-STD-001.  Currently, twenty of our operators also are certified to J-STD-001ES (Space Addendum).

Magnetika can manufacture components to the stringent specifications listed in MIL-PRF-27, MIL-STD-981, MIL-PRF-21038 and MIL-T-13615. 

Our dedicated team of  highly skilled assemblers and technicians are experienced in all construction methods including Layer Winging on bobbins, tubes and toroids, Open Frame, Molded, Hermetically Sealed, Surface Mount, Through Hole and Planar.  These methods can be applied with the following parameters: 

  • Magnet Wire:

  • Operating Voltage:

  • Operating Frequency:

  • Output Power:

  • Corona Test: 

  • Vacuum Impregnation:

  • Pressure Cure:

00 AWG to 50 AWG

up to 10KV

DC to 1 MHz

0 VA to 25 KVA

Up to 60KV

Below 30 mTorr

500 PSI

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