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Human Resources

At Magnetika, we believe that the most important assets of our organization are our people. Therefore, our success depends solely on our people working together towards well-defined and common objectives. To accomplish this, certain requirements must be met in order to maximize our efficiencies and the success of the enterprise.


First, a continuous program of training and education must be maintained. Presently, the industry is such that methods and techniques become quickly obsolete and outdated. Therefore, everyone in the organization, at all levels, is encouraged to continuously look for new and better ways to accomplish his/her tasks.


Second, a high degree of enthusiasm has been encouraged at all levels. To achieve this, employees in responsible positions are not only encouraged to be enthusiastic themselves, but engender enthusiasm to their associates and their subordinates. To achieve this objective, we ensure effective communication by clearly communicating our vision, obtaining individual buy-in and commitment to change, minimizing resistance which reduces personal anxiety, ensuring clarity of objectives, sharing information and vision, challenging the status quo, obtaining clarity and minimizing uncertainty due to industry trends.


Third, we prioritize diversity amongst our team and ensure that we all work in unison toward common, well-defined and well-stated objectives. Once these objectives are defined, stated and agreed upon, then certain latitude of freedom is given to individuals and teams to perform their duties in ways they determine is best within their area of responsibilities and within well-established guidelines.

Magnetika does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation.  Magnetika is an AAP/EOE employer.

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