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Magnetika was founded in Santa Monica, California in 1960 by Peter B. Caloyeras to provide custom electronic components to the aerospace and defense industries. For over 50 years Magnetika has established itself as a preeminent supplier for these industries, serving all of the major defense contractors in the United States and the Department of Defense.


Our company is wholly owned and operated by the Caloyeras Family and has three manufacturing locations in the United States; Gardena, CA, Phillipsburg, NJ as Magnetika, Inc.  and Marlborough, MA as Magnetika/East LP with a collective workforce of over 100 employees. Our team consists of several highly experienced engineering professionals and a production staff that averages well over a decade of tenure per person. It is our mission to design and produce the highest quality and highest performing custom magnetic components to exacting standards while offering them at competitive prices. It is because of this philosophy that our work continues to be recognized by the industry leaders we serve.


Over the years, Magnetika has acquired numerous magnetics companies including, but not limited to, Servomechanisms, Ferrodyne,  Electro Vector, Torwico Electronics, OPT Industries, Hyperion, Titan, Zenith and the magnetics lines of DB Products and WEMS Electronics.

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